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Experiential Marketing

Mall Activations:

Mall Activations provide an excellent engagement platform for brands as there is a guaranteed footfall of lakhs of relevant consumers in top malls every week. Depending on your objectives, we can help you plan and execute the perfect mall activation campaign.
We have a partner network of top malls across the country like Pheonix Marketcity Mumbai, Phoenix Bangalore, DLF Place Delhi, Ambience Gurgaon, Lulu Cochin, Pheonix Pune, Quest Kolkata and many others.

The foremost step of a marketing strategy is to listen closely to the voice of the consumer, and analyse it to get valuable insights into their minds. Social Listening and Research therefore forms the start of our digital marketing efforts. Post that, we perform in depth market analysis, brand analysis and competitor study to determine the best digital strategy for you. The four broad steps we follow are:

Retail Activations:

The consumer's retail experience is the most important factor effecting your sales. Retail Activations would include in-store/point of sale activations, retail design and aspects of visual merchandising. They are designed specially keeping in mind your direct customers and are highly customised for your retail requirements.

Rural Promotions:

For many brands today, there is a huge growth potential in the Indian rural markets. Rural Marketing and Promotion is absolutely different from other forms of Experiential Marketing in terms of both planning and execution.
We understand the rural market and offer relevant engagement solutions to reach and influence the rural consumer.

RWA Activations:

RWA Activations have proven to be a successful and cost-effective marketing channel to reach your consumers. They get together small groups of residents in a society or an area to get them to know your brand better and generate sales prospects.
We can help you plan large scale RWA activations touching thousands of relevant consumers. Depending on your objectives, you can generate leads for sales, have sampling for new products, conduct market research and studies or generate brand awareness.

Events & IPs

Corporate Events:

We offer end to end Event Solutions for all your corporate events including conferences, channel partner meets, internal events, annual events and more. Right from Event Conceptualisation till the point of closure, you are assured of a hassle-free experience.


Exhibitions get your customers face to face with your brand. However, since it is a platform where multiple brands are present, it's a challenge to make yours stand out from the crowd.
Under Exhibitions, we provide services like Exclusive Exhibition Planning and Management, Partnerships, Stall Design and Fabrication including one-time stalls and reusable kits, and Stall Management.

Product Launches:

Launching a new product is an event which is experienced not only by your consumers but all stakeholders in the industry. It becomes all the more important to make a lasting impact as it is the first impression of the product in the market.
We can plan unique and innovative product launches which will create a lasting first impression and pave the way for your product in the market. Using our on ground as well as digital capabilities and influencer networks, we will amplify the event online to create a buzz around the launch, which will give the product an extra edge and boost initial traction.

IP Management:

Managing Periodic IP Events has its own set of unique challenges. Planning and Executing an event at multiple places, multiple times, tests an agency's consistency and accountability to the maximum.
Our ability to understand consumer needs, conceptualise and execute IPs has made us a trusted partner to manage some of the Top IPs in the country like: Relio Quick Auto Mall (India's Largest Multicity Automobile Exhibition), Property Boutique and Education Conclave. We can create customised IPs for you and manage them on a Pan India scale, be it an annual event or multiple times in an year.

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