"What really makes consumers buy or not buy is the content of your advertising, not its form." ~ David Ogilvy

We provide strategic content solutions including Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution through various channels.

Focusing on the entire sales funnel with laser-focused precision gives brands the opportunity to join customers along their buying journey. Through our content marketing services, we increase brand awareness, command more inbound traffic, generate more qualified leads, convert more leads into revenue, increase customer/client satisfaction & retention for every client we partner with.

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Persona Development

Our content speaks to your consumers because the persona we develop is based on the attributes that your target audience is seeking.

Vetting Existing PersonasMost businesses which have been in existence already have a persona mapped out of their buyers. This could have been derived from an earlier research and may or may not be updated according to the changing customer behaviour. The target consumer persona has to be regularly checked and updated.

New Persona DevelopmentIn case you are yet to create a persona for your buyers, then trust us to provide you with the best solution for that as well. As part of our persona creation, our team will do the necessary research and surveys and define the characteristics of you buyers' persona. Then we will help with defining your framework for marketing based on the persona identified.

Content Audits

Content audits are essential to evaluate on how you are performing with the current content online. We will help you identify the relevant opportunities that you can cash in on and what you are missing. It has been our team's constant endeavor to provide you content that is completely on brand.

Taking stockIn order to create a successful content, you need to first know what is in existence and how it is being managed currently. We need to take stock on the information of the content, the format, the storage, the management, the workflow of content management and update, etc. Our team will take a comprehensive inventory of the current content and make out the strategy accordingly.

Qualitative audit and gap analysisOnce the inventory is completed, we then assess the existing content to see if it meets with the business objectives, is engaging, informative, is a positive reflection on the brand, uses current data, etc. By doing so, we will able to identify any gaps in the process and help plug it in for an effective outcome.

Content Strategy

In order for you to reach out effectively to your audiences, you need to have an effective and efficient strategy. Our team will provide you a professional and an effective strategy for content creation. The content has to be planned well and should provide valuable information to the users, even into the future.

Defining the goalThis is basis the data that we derive from the content audit conducted on the existing information and content. Along with that, we will take into account your short-term and long-term marketing objectives. We give an image to your strategy by taking the current data on the business landscape, competitors and any other factors that can influence your industry. Next we take the persona development we have done and map this with the current information to deliver content that will match your target's expectations.

ExecutionIt is not easy to entrust the future of your success in the hands of others. But be rest assured that we keep you transparent to every step in the process. We share information on the bottlenecks we face, the channels that are working in your favour and many other factors for you to review and comment.

Creating a modelWe work on creating a model encompassing the platforms/tools that will help implement your brand strategy and focus on topics that will be relevant to your line of business. We then make use of these topics to drive the campaign rather than focusing on individual keywords across the right channels.

Content Creation

Our team comprises of professionals who can produce top class, compelling and creative content for your company. The content we create will match with the goals of your company and will interact with your target audience. With well constructed information, you will be able to build a trusted relationship with your customers. We deliver quality content, which is a combination of targeted creative writing, graphical designs and videos.

Targeted creative writingContent writing is all about finding the right words that will ensure that your message is conveyed in your own voice to your target group of audience. We have trained and committed writers who will help with creating content that is specific to your brand, creative, SEO rich and that which can keep the audience actively engaged. We do not follow a specific design in our writing strategy, but rather we look at each business differently, understand its objectives and work towards achieving them alongside you.

InfographicsInfographics is the art of displaying complex information in simple visual images which will help attract and retain the customer focus on your brand. The ebooks and whitepapers we help prepare are also equally effective and beneficial when they carry your brand. These will show that you are an expert in the field and help people to place their trust in you. The Call to Action (CTA) is equally successful when they use the right font, right color and placed rightly on the site. Trust our expert designers for making the most irresistible CTAs for your website.

Using VideosVideos do not require prior understanding of concepts or languages. With a powerful video from our team, you will be able to make your brand presence well known. We help filming demos for any new product launches, updates on the existing products/ services, interviews and much more through our studio crew. We will help with the necessary equipments and the professional crew to have your own onsite video ready to tell the story to your customers.

AnimationsAnimations play a great role in condensing complicated processes into simpler steps so that the audiences find it easy to interpret. In order for an animation to be successful it should have the right color, placement, style and of course the graphics. Trust our team to come up with a gripping narrative and a harmonic design to make for an unforgettable video.

Content Promotion & Distribution

Creating engaging content is just the beginning. In order for you to actually convert it into business, you need to have more customers for which you need to promote and distribute the content effectively. The most used platform for promotion is social media, which we use optimally to ensure that your content is seen by all the right audiences. We have our own Influencer Network of top influential bloggers, writers and celebrities who can help you amplify your content or message. We also keep a tab on the emerging platforms for content promotion and ensure that you get the attention you need.

Social media marketing This is by far the most effective marketing platform given its reach across multiple target groups. Our promotion will reach through multiple social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. We will tailor your approach according to the platform we are promoting your content in and ensure that you garner the most attention.

PPC AdvertisingWith campaigns like PPC, we will help your business get noticed and your content is shared more. We place strategic ads in the respective platforms to ensure that your business gains the kind of attention it needs to strive.

Pay Per Click Advertisements