Stop wasting time and money with guessing. Find out what's working and how to spend your marketing budget.

Digital Audit or Online Marketing Audit forms the first step towards developing your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Using our Digital Brand Audit Framework: Awareness | Interaction | Action, we assess your brand's performance on relevant factors to find out what's working.

Before launching any campaign, we perform channel specific audits for Website SEO, Social Media and Paid Search. Our strategist will research and analyze your website, blogs, social media channels, SEO, reviews and other platforms where you exist on the internet. Under our Social Listening exercise, we carefully check links, posts, comments, reviews and shares on the internet. This audit also helps brands to understand their position in the competitive market as we perform similar audits for its relevant competitors.

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Website Audit

We perform an in-depth analysis of your website from its content to design, development and keywords. We also go through the visuals, videos and other graphics that may be creating hinderances in letting your page rank highly on search engines. A complete website audit helps to grow your Domain Authority as well as Page Authority. The following are important parameters in a Website Audit:
• Web Pages and their content
• Web Design, Menus and Navigation
• Website functions and loading time
• Call to actions, SERPs and Keywords
• Traffic and link Analysis

Content Audit

We go through the current content strategy of your business. We do a complete check up of your website content, blog content, online reviews, social media comments and reviews.
Important factors in a Content Audit are:
• Authenticity, copyright and duplication of content
• Tone and Consistency in Brand Communication
• Accuracy, trends and Keywords of content

PPC And SEM Audit

In order to optimise your paid channel spends, there's a need for SEM or PPC account audits to understand loopholes and rectify them accordingly. We analyze your SEM accounts and PPC Campaigns through the following ways:
• Campaign Reports
• Keywords Analysis
• Landing Page Analysis
• KPI Management

SEO Audit

Is your website ranking on Google? We analyze the keywords, links and your MOZ rank of the website. An SEO Audit is especially required when you have tough competition on particular keywords. We check your link building methods, on site SEO and off site SEO. The following are covered in your SEO Audit:
• On page and off page SEO optimization
• Link Building –inter links and external links
• Link testing and landing pages

Social Media Audit

We use various tools to perform a comprehensive Social Listening exercise for your brand. Using these tools we are able to identify the sentiments that your brand is generating online. We also check content creation and curation on social media which helps us to understand your communication methods. We then help you filling these gaps through our social media services.
The following is done in a Social Media Audit:
• Social Listening
• Sentiment Analysis
• Communication analysis